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If you’re seeking a compact rack with versatility and functionality, we have a convenient enclosure just for you. The ExpressCage MB322SP-B is a mobile rack that converts a external 5.25” device bay to fit two 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD (5mm-9.5mm), and includes a 3.5” slot for either a hard drive or a 3.5” device. With the unique tool-less drive installation design, the ExpressTray Mini allows you to install your 2.5” SATA or SAS HDD/SSD just as quick and simple as a tray-less system while the optional bottom tray screw holes provide added stability. The MB322SP-B has a detachable dust cover which keeps the front panel enclosed to block out dust particles when the 3.5” slot is left unused or when there’s a 3.5” HDD installed. Soft blue LED indicator lights on each 2.5” drive bay notify you when drives are being used without being too distracting. For maximum durability we have implemented enhanced door latches and a solid metal housing.
Space Versatility
Not your typical 5.25” mobile rack, the ExpressCage MB322SP-B *takes two 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD of 5mm to 9.5mm height and converts them into two hot-swap drive bays. It also includes 3.5” slot for a 3.5” device or 3.5” hard drive for various build options.
Note: 2.5” SAS HDD/SSD requires SAS host, and MB322SP-B supports SAS single channel only.
With the extra slot, users can expand their storage by adding a 3.5” HDD or a ToughArmor MB992SK-B for two more 2.5” hot swap bays. The 3.5” slot is also compatible with an assortment of 3.5” form factor devices from USB 3.0 hubs to fan speed controllers. This versatility makes the MB322SP-B an essential tool for a wide range of power users and system builders looking to add variability to their computer build.
Innovative ExpressTray Mini Design
The magic of our ExpressTray simplifies the drive installation process, offering a more flexible, hassle-free drive installation and maintenance. To install a new drive, just place the hard drives or SSDs on the ExpressTray and then insert the tray into the ExpressCage and you are ready to go. To remove drive, you simply need to reverse the process. Pull on the rear tab of the tray to free up the drive and then remove the drive. Our reinforced latching system located on the ExpressTray is made extremely durable so you won’t have issues with them further down the road.
In addition, for applications that require extra stability we have provided the optional bottom tray screw holes so you can secure your drives.
Design Features
The MB322SP-B’s 3.5” slot for 3.5” HDDs or 3.5” devices comes with a detachable dust cover that not only protects your devices from dust and debris but also blends in with your system. So if you decide to leave the 3.5” slot empty or you have a 3.5” HDD for additional storage, the dust cover provides a visually flowing look while preventing dust from entering the system. The ExpressCage also comes with a metal cover finish for robustness and numerous ventilated slots for enhanced cooling. Each bay has its own indicator light to notify you of any hard drive activity. Soft-blue LED makes it easier to sense when drives are in use without straining your eyes.

Optional EZConvert MB703M2P-B for M.2 SATA SSD


If you are looking to use a M.2 SATA SSD with the ExpressCage MB322SP-B, pair it with our EZConvert MB703M2P-B M.2 SSD to 2.5” form factor adapter featuring tool-less adjustable locker to secure your M.2 in place. To learn more about EZConvert MB703M2P-B please click HERE.

Drive Tray
Key Features
• Compatible with any standard external 5.25” device bay
• Fits 2x 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD and 1x 3.5” HDD/Device
• Supports 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD of 5mm to 9.5mm height
• Supports SATA 6Gbps or SAS 3.0 12Gbps (Single channel) 
• Active Power Technology (APT) - only powers up if there is drive installed in the drive bay
• Soft blue indicator LED provided for each 2.5” HDD/SSD bay
• Detachable dust cover for 3.5” slot to keep debris from entering your system
• Enhanced tray and metal housing with for maximum durability
• ExpressTray Mini system for tool-less, easy installation comparable to tray-less designs
• Numerous ventilated slots for enhanced cooling
• Locking latch design for 7 pin SATA connectors
• Compatible with our lineup of 3.5” mobile racks like the MB991SK-B and MB992SK-B
• Designed for power users and system builder applications, mainly space saving and hot swap usage and for 2.5” HDD or SSD


3 Years Warranty
ICY DOCK ExpressCage MB322SP-B 2 x 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD
to External 5.25” Mobile Rack w/ 3.5” HDD/Device Slot
Product Name :
Dual 2.5" HDD/SSD Mobile Rack with 1 x 3.5" Drive / Device Slot in 5.25" Bay
Model Number :
Color :
Support Drive Size :
2 x 2.5" SSD / HDD &1 x 3.5" HDD/Device
Compatible Drive Type :
SATA / Single channel SAS (SAS host required)
Number of Drives :
Max Drive Height :
2.5": 9.5mm / 3.5": 26.1mm
Drive Bay :
1 x 5.25" half height device bay
Host Interface :
2 x SATA 7pin
Power Input :
1 x SATA 15 pin power connector
Transfer Rate :
SATA 3.0 up to 6Gbps / SAS 3.0 up to 12Gbps
Support HDD Capacity :
No Limitation
Structure / Material :
Metal with parital plastic
Support Hot-Swap :
Product Dimension (L x W x H) :
151.1 x 145.8 x 41.3mm
Product Net Weight :
Package Gross Weight :
Drive Activity LED Indication :
Drive power: solid blue; HDD access: flashing blue
Package contents :
1 - Device, 1 - user manual, 20 - screw
Product Name :
2 x 2.5" SAS/SATA HDD/SSD Mobile Rack +3.5" Slot for External 5.25" Bay
SATA Connector Insertion Rate :
Humidity :
5%~65% RH
Operating Temperature :
0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature :
-35°C to 70°C (-31°F to 158°F)
Compliance :
Warranty :
3 years


ICY Concepts
The most reliable tool-less 2.5” hot-swap HDD/SSD mobile rack for builders

Any system requires data storage whether it’s a tiny flash memory for storing firmware, an 8TB hard drive for storing your movie collections, or a bunch of SAS drives daisy chained together for a file server setup. The requirement of data storage varies depending on the application and system. The ExpressCage is specifically designed for applications that require hot-swapping hard drives or solid state drives on a daily basis. The unique ExpressTray design allows you to easily install the hard drive or solid state drive onto the tray without using any tools. Simply slide the ExpressTray into the ExpressCage and you are ready to go. The ExpressCage supports different 7mm to 12.5mm height SSD and HDD with its internal smart pad and built-in screws which gives you both convenience and reliability. The ExpressCage is recommended for data backup systems, HDD/SSD cloning, surveillance/DVR system, media workstations and home theater systems.


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By: AA Computers and Technology

Posted: June 22, 2016


This is a great solution if the inside of your desktop is tight on space and you are looking to add some additional hard drives / 3.5″ devices. Ease of use is top notch and the price to quality ratio is excellent....Read full article


By: DB Tech Vlog

Posted: Feb 2, 2016






The Icy Dock MB322SP-B is a differentiated offering combining 2.5" tool-less hot swap with a 3.5" internal/ external bay. If one has a need for this combination, ExpressCage makes this a solid solution...


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By: David McCabe

Posted: Aug 27, 2015

"Today I've got two cages from Icy Dock. The ICY Dock ToughArmor MB996Sp-6SB and ExpressCage MB322SP-B."




ICY Tips & Industries Solutions
May 2015

Optimize your 5.25" external device bay with ICY DOCK ExpressCage SSD / hard drive enclosures


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Frequent Asked Questions

Q: The mounting screws for the device seem to be too short to secure the device onto my system, what should I do?

A: For computer cases that have a thick metal sheet, the included mounting screws (M3*2.5L) may not fully secure the device. Please use longer screws (M3*4L) to secure the device or contact us at for replacement screws.




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