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As technology continues to improve and progress, more and more advanced computer technologies are constantly improving. These improvements include maximizing enhanced functions in smaller and compact packages. This is why 2.5” solid state drives and hard drives are becoming more popular due to its low power consumption and space-saving benefits, which are superior to 3.5” SATA hard drives in almost every category. Combine with the extra bandwidth of the SSDs and the raw power of the processors; enterprises are able to accelerate their project-development process more efficiently. Since 2.5” SSDs and HDDs have smaller storage capacities compared to 3.5” hard drives, maximizing the storage density in limited spaces have become the most important task for many storage consulting firms; a task they often encounters. The ToughArmor MB993SK-B is designed specifically for systems with storage space limitations by fitting 3 x 2.5” SSD / HDD into a single external 3.5” drive bay, maximizing the entire space of external 3.5” drive bay. On top of that, the MB993SK-B is built with heavy duty full metal construction which is commercially suitable for medical & military systems, government agencies, Industrial PCs, SMB workstations, VM workstations, mobile DVR systems, aerospace computers, automation systems and embedded systems.
Complete Space Saver & Functionality
Utilizing its small form factor, The MB993SK-B is perfect for use in industrial PCs, SMB SFF servers, mobile DVR systems, or even home servers. The ability to house 3 x SATA SSD or HDD in a single external 3.5” drive bay makes it a valuable asset, as several different configurations can be implemented. With three drives, users can access all drives individually, making a perfect solution for systems that are constantly swapping between multiple OS drives or simply for storage in a small space. Moreover, in a system with three drives, it is ideal to have RAID 5 setup to achieve its fast performance along with data protection or use two drives for RAID 1 mirror data-protection and RAID 0 for doubling the transfer speed. The remaining third drive can be assigned as stationary OS drive or an extra hot-swappable bay. To keep cables from cluttering, a single SATA 4 power pin is used to ease installation. Save as much as space while maintaining the speed and maximizing the functionalities in a limited space, which is the beauty of the MB993SK-B.
Protect your Investments
Making sure your drives are in good hands and lasting as long as possible is carefully considered to any enterprise build and design. The MB993SK-B is capable of holding up in the harshest environments, with the rugged heavy duty metal construction in the entirety of the body and its smaller components. It can be used in various systems including: military and law enforcement deployment, as well as manufacturing conditions such as embedded control systems and factory automation systems. With the full metal design, the ToughArmor is perfect for industrial and medical devices that may require a flammability rating.
In order to fit three drives in a compact external 3.5” drive bay is challenging, the MB993SK-B is able to overcome this difficulty by carefully designing the EZ Slide Slim tray. With its durable and slim design, the trays are built with robust solid metal frames to securely mount and protect 5mm to 7mm height HDD/SSD, creating a reliable 2.5" hot swap bay for any standard SATA hard drives and SSDs. The EZ Slide Slim trays make drive interchangeability experience and maintenance completely hassle free.
The metal material used grants heat dissipation transfer from the hard drives to the mobile rack. Multi-Flow Technology (MFT) effectively routes air flow correctly for excellent passive cooling, via ventilation slots on the front, rear, top and bottom (in multiple locations). Lastly, Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) and EMI Grounding are used to provide a stable environment for the hard drives or SSD’s used to perform at its best.
Versatile Utility & Security
The easy to read front LED indicators will indicate when a drive is ejected (no light), accessed (green), or has failed (red). Active Power Technology (APT) allows each drive LED to be on only when a hard drive is inserted into the enclosure. For drive security, the eagle-hook lock system on the tray makes sure your hard drives will not eject when not needed. Additionally, the 2 segment key lock provides extra protection to any physical theft of the hard drives, securing from any open and grab.
Drive Tray
EZ-Slide Slim Tray
Key Features
Suggested applications in medical & military systems, government agencies, Industrial PC, SMB workstation, VM workstation, mobile DVR system, aerospace computer, automation system and embedded system.
Rugged Full Metal construction, perfect for rugged applications and complies with flammability requirement
Fits 3 x 5mm to 7mm 2.5” SATA HDD or SSD in external 3.5” drive bay.
Supports SAS or SATA HDD/SSD at 6Gbps and is backwards compatible with SATA 3Gbps drives and hosts (SAS host is required for SAS drives - Single SAS channel
Individual LED indicators
Multi-Flow Technology (MFT) - provides excellent passive cooling.
Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) - creates a safe environment for hard drives or SSD
Active Power Technology (APT) - individual led only powers up if there is drive installed in each bay.
EMI Grounding – protects hard drives from electrical damage.
Eagle-hook lock system & 2-segment safeguard key lock keeps drives secure within the enclosure.
EMI Grounding – protects hard drives from electrical damage.
Removable tray system for easy maintenance.
Supports SATA 6Gbps and hot swap.
Single floppy 4 Pin to power entire device.
Supports SAS and SATA power cables with locking latch design
Limited 3 year warranty to complement the typical warranty of a hard drive.
3 Years Warranty


Short Product Description :
ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB993SK-B Full Metal 3 x 2.5 inch Hot-Swap SATA / SAS HDD / SSD Mobile Rack Backplane Cage for External 3.5" Drive Bay
Product Name :
Model Number :
Color :
Support Drive Size :
2.5 inch SSD / HDD
Compatible Drive Type :
SATA / SAS (SAS host required / Single channel)
Number of Drives :
Max Drive Height :
Drive Bay :
1 x external 3.5" drive bay
Host Interface :
3 x SATA 7pin
Power Input :
1 x Floppy 4 pin power connector
Transfer Rate :
Up to 6Gb/sec (Depending on hard drive speed)
Support HDD Capacity :
No Limitation
Drive Cooling :
Metal heat dispersion with passive cooling
RAID Function :
Structure / Material :
Metal with parital plastic
Support Hot-Swap :
Drive Security :
2 segment key lock
Product Dimension (L x W x H) :
133 x 101.2 x 25.4mm
Product Weight :
0.82 lbs (370g)
Shipping (Package) Weight :
0.97 lbs (440g)
RAID Status LED Indicator :
Drive Activity LED Indication :
Drive power: solid green; HDD access: flashing green
Package Contents :
1 - Device, 1 - user manual, 10 - screw, 2 - key, 1 - drive ID plugs
SATA Connector Insertion Rate :
Humidity :
5%~65% RH
Opertating Temperature :
0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature :
-35°C to 70°C (-31°F to 158°F)
Compliance :
Warranty :
3 years


ICY Concepts
Upgrade your single or dual bay mobile rack system to the ICY DOCK MB993SK-B triple bay, full metal 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD cage
SSDs are clearly better than HDDs when it comes to performance. Since SSDs have become cheaper over the past few years and now 7mm height 2.5” SSD has reached 2TB storage capacity, it is quite possible that Solid-State-Drives may soon replace the traditional Hard-Disk-Drives.

If you are using a single or dual bay 2.5” mobile rack in your computer systems, it is a no brainer that you should, instead, go with ICY DOCK MB993SK-B triple bay full metal 2.5” HDD/SSD cage! The MB993SK-B fits 3 x 2.5” 7mm height SSD/HDD, occupies a single 3.5” front device bay only and allows you to squeeze up to total 6TB storage capacity without taking too much physical space from your system. All of this while retaining an easy to access cage for your drives that allows for easy drive swaps.

This is a perfect device for high-end computers and enterprise systems such as Gaming PCs, Image Processing Workstations, Industrial-PCs (IPC), mobile DVRs, mobile computers, embedded systems and other Small-Form-Factor (SFF) systems.
2TB SSDs in 7mm height
Samsung 850 EVO 2TB
Samsung 850 PRO 2TB
CUK Cyclone 2TB
EluKtronics 2TB
Mushkin Enhanced Reactor 2TB
1.6TB SSD in 7mm height
Intel DC S3610 1.6TB
Intel DC S3500 1.6TB
1TB - 1.2TB SSD in 7mm height
Intel DC S3710 1.2TB
Crucial MX200 1TB

Click HERE to go to MB993SK-B product page.
ICY Concepts
How to create a hybrid 2.5" storage array in a 5.25" bay with ICY DOCK
FLEX-FIT Trio & ToughArmor
To get the best bang for your buck, ICY DOCK offer cost-effective solutions to accommodate your data storage needs! By using a simple, yet functional 3.5" bay to 5.25" bay mounting kit, the FLEX-Fit Trio MB343SP, you can easily transform a 5.25" inch external drive bay in to a storage workhorse. Not only FLEX-FIT Trio accommodates 2x 2.5" SSD with tool-less drive installation design, it also allows placement of a 3.5" device bay, such as ICY DOCK's ToughArmor 2.5" drive mobile racks. This is where ICY DOCK's 3.5" ToughArmor series shines. By allowing a maximum of 5x 2.5" SAS / SATA hard drives or SSDs of 3.5" ToughArmor mobile rack in a FLEX-FIT Trio below. Let's take a look at them below!
3.5" Drive Bay to 5.25” Drive Bay Mounting Kit

 - Converts 5.25" bay into external 3.5" bay
 - Built-in 2x 2.5" drive bay
 - Tool-less 2.5" drive installation design
 - Compatible with all 3.5" devices & drives

3.5" ToughArmor 2.5" SATA HDD / SSD Mobile Rack
ToughArmor MB991IK / MB991SK

 - Supports 1x 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD / SSD
 - Supports SATA 6Gbps & hot-swap
 - Full metal construction w/ 3 year warranty

ToughArmor MB992SK-B / MB992SKR-B

 - Supports 2x 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD / SSD
 - Supports SATA 6Gbps & hot-swap
 - Full metal construction w/ 3 year warranty
 - Built-in RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD & BIG

ToughArmor MB993SK-B

 - Supports 1x 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD / SSD
 - Supports SATA 6Gbps & hot-swap
 - Full metal construction w/ 3 year warranty

ToughArmor MB491SKL-B

 - Supports 1x 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD / SSD
 - Supports SATA 6Gbps & hot-swap
 - Dual lock design for maximum drive    security
 - Full metal construction w/ 3 year warranty

ToughArmor MB492SKL-B

 - Supports 1x 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD / SSD
 - Supports SATA 6Gbps & hot-swap
 - Dual lock design for maximum drive    security
 - Full metal construction w/ 3 year warranty

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Published on Aug 11, 2016 by AA Computers and Technology

The quality of the devices from ICY DOCK’s ToughArmor line of products has yet to fail to impress me. They are practically designed, tough as nails, and straightforward to use. However, the ToughArmor line is targeted more towards enterprise customers and therefore they come with an enterprise grade price tag attached. The ICY DOCK MB993SK-B 3.5” SAS / SATA Mobile Rack is no exception.

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MARCH 07, 2016

"If you have a unused 3.5" floppy disk port on your case than this is the perfect upgrade to you system with a substantial storage option.."


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