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The CP013 is a full metal heavy duty multi-function mobile rack backplane cage designed with four hot-swappable 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD bays and a slim Optical Disk Drive (ODD) slot. It boasts the ability to house 4 x 2.5” SATA drives with 5-7mm height plus a slim ODD into a single 5.25” drive bay. The CP013’s high density design allows you to create various storage configurations within limited space, making it a perfect device for storage dense applications such as SSF (small form factor) build, portable ruggedize computer, industrial PC, compact workstation, low profile server and HTPC.
Our unique hot-swappable 2.5” EZ Slide Nano trays allow you to quickly swap out drives effortlessly. High performances 40mm fan with fan speed control keep your drives nice and cool while ventilated openings located on the front and back to ensure maximum airflow. The CP013 features a heavy duty full metal housing which is commercially designed for medical and military standard.
In the Smallest Package Possible
Utilizing its high storage density design, the CP013 is perfect for use in systems with limited 5.25” expansion bays by combining the slim optical disk drive with 4 x 2.5” 5-7mm height HDD/SSD in a single 5.25” bay. This allows user to save a 5.25” bay for other usage. On the other hand, server systems with existing rackmounts such as 2U rackmount with bulky legacy 5.25" CD-Rom has the option to upgrade with the CP013, providing four extra hot swappable 2.5” HDD/SSD bays along with slim ODD to replace the old generation CD-Rom from the 5.25" bay. SMB’s, SI and power users can all benefit from CP013’s high density feature, in the smallest form factor possible.
EZ Slide Nano Trays for EZ accessibility
With the simplified EZ-Slide Nano tray design, making drive interchangeability and maintenance completely hassle free. The trays are built using full metal so that it is capable to endure for many lifetimes, while it is lightweight and will not weigh you down when transporting your data from system to system. For drive security, the Eagle-hook lock system on the tray makes sure your hard drives will not eject when unused. The EZ-Slide Nano tray is designed to accommodate 5mm to 7mm height hard drive and SSD, creating a 2.5" hot swap bay for any standard SATA hard drives and SSDs.
Absolute Control of Your 2.5” Hard Drive or SSD
Bringing more utility to your hard drives or SSDs, LED’s are installed into the front of the mobile rack to provide individual drive status information at all times. Individual drive ID labels are also included so that you’ll always know which drive tray belongs in your RAID array or which drive contains certain files. Active Power Technology (APT) allows each LED and the cooling fan to be active only when a hard drive is inserted into the same bay of the enclosure.
A 40mm cooling fan is placed directly at the center of the rear panel, providing equivalent airflow throughout the entire cage. Depending on your needs, you may need the fan to be at a higher speed, or completely off for silent operation, and so a 3-Mode Fan Speed Control has been added to accommodate various situations.
Full Metal Construction

Ensuring your drives or expensive SSDs are protected is our main goal. The CP013 is capable of holding up in the harshest environments with its heavy duty full metal construction in the entirety of the body. The ToughArmor's full metal design is also perfect for industrial and medical devices that may require a flammability rating as the full metal material is considered to already comply with flammability requirements. The metal material used grants heat dissipation transfer from the hard drives to the backplane cage. Lastly, Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) and EMI grounding are used to ensure a stable environment for the hard drives or SSD’s used, dramatically improving reliability.


The CP013 supports both 7pin SATA and 15pin SATA power cables with locking latches so you’ll never need to worry about cables disconnecting unintentionally. Once these cables are connected, they’ll lock into place and only disengage when the latching is released.

Key Features
Heavy duty full metal construction with commercially designed for Medical & Military systems, Media servers, and IPCS, aproved * used by Tier 1 companies.
Perfect for rugged applications and complies with flammability requirements.
Perfect for SFF (small form factor) case, IPC, HTPC, NAS, Home Server and All-In-One computers
Fits 4 x 2.5" SATA HDD or SSD (accomodate 5mm-7mm height drives) & 1 x slim optical disk drive (ODD)
Supports SATA III interface.
Active Power Technology (APT) - individual led & cooling fan only powers up if there is a drive installed in the bay.
Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) - creates a safe environment for hard drives or SSDs.
Individual SATA 6Gbps connection for each hard drive or SSD.
Individual LED for each 2.5” bays.
40mm cooling fan with High/Low/Off switch.
Top cover for the tray adds extra drive/ODD protection.
Eagle-hook lock system keeps drives secured within the enclosure.
Removable EZ-Slide Nano tray system for easy maintenance.
3 Years Warranty
Model Number :
Color :
Host Interface :
7 pin SATA x 4, 13 pin SATA x 1(Direct connection for Slim ODD)
Drive Fit :
4 x 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD (up to 7mm height) & 1 x Slim ODD
Device Fit :
1 x 5.25” device bay
Transfer Rate :
Up to 6 Gb/sec. (depending on hard drive speed)
Power Input :
1 x SATA 15pin power connection
Insert& Extract connection Via :
Direct SAS/ SATA hard drive connection
Structure :
Drive Cooling :
4cm fan x 1 with High/Low/Off power switch
LED Indication :
Device Power & Drive Activity
LED Display Color :

Solid green - Device power

Blinking green - Drive activity

Dimension (L x W x H) :
186 x 146 x 41.3 mm
Weight :
Hot Swap :

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