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Many industries have quickly adopted smaller form factor SSDs such as M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD and NF1 SSD (also known as NGSFF M.3) to their systems due to space-savings and high IOPS (input/output operation per second). These drives can be easily placed in a compact system, offer higher storage density, and capable of handling any data-intensive applications. To compare specifications and abilities of M.2 NVMe SSD and NF1 SSD, the M.2 NVMe SSD has a broader availability and affordable price point. However, since M.2-based SSD was invented primarily for consumer use, it does not integrate key enterprise-level features such as hot-swap function. For NF1 SSD, it offers a larger storage capacity up to 15.36TB, faster IOPS up to 540K/50K (refer to Samsung PM983 NF1 SSD), and supports hot-swap, which are suitable for data center and enterprise server applications. One of the major disadvantages of these SSD is the drive maintenance requires the user to shut off the system and open up the system case, which can be a hassle for a system that needs to be running 24/7. The other problem is the limited M.2/NF1 slots available on the motherboard, which can restrict the number of drives that can be used. Therefore, we designed the CP099 removable enclosure to overcome these problems.


The CP099 ruggedized full metal removable drive enclosure fits into a single 3.5" drive bay (also known as floppy bay). It supports both M.2 and NF1 NVMe SSD to provide the supreme flexibility of drive selections. The removable drive tray with a tool-less adjustable drive locker allows users to insert or remove the drive quickly without causing a system downtime and saving installation/maintenance time and labor cost. For performance, each of the CP099 drive slots supports transfer speed up to 32Gbps with no speed reduction, providing the maximum IOPS and suitable for any data-intensive applications. The CP099 is compatible with MiniSAS HD HBA/RAID PCIe host cards, so users can easily extend as many drives as they want and don't have to be limited by the onboard M.2 slots.


Frontal Drive Loading

A typical M.2 or NF1 drive is installed on the motherboard or a riser card and secured by a tiny screw, which can be a hassle to manage, especially when maintaining drives. However, with the CP099, your drives are brought into the front of your computer case makes the M.2 & NF1 SSD installation/removal process more efficient and straight forward.


State of the Art Tool-less M.2 and NF1 Drive Installation
The CP099 comes equipped with a patent-pending adjustable drive locker to accommodate all drive length while making sure your drive secured in place without any tools or screws.


Maximum Cooling Performance
With the heat sink and thermal pads included, the heat is further dispersed through the intelligently placed ventilation holes on all sides and working together with your computer’s cooling system.


Superior Performance

To fully use the speeds of M.2 and NF1 NVMe SSD, each drive uses its own MiniSAS HD (SFF-8643) connector, maximizing the NVMe SSD potential transfer bandwidth rate of 32Gbp/s in each drive.


ToughArmor Protection

As the CP099 is part of the ToughArmor Series, the enclosure is made by full-metal housing and tray to ensure maximum durability in the roughest environment possible!


Key Features
Fits 2x NF1/NGSFF/M.3 SSD 30110 (Samsung PM983) or M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110)
Removable drive tray design supports NF1 hot-swap features
Patent Pending Adjustable M.2 drive locker – holds all drive length securely
Tool-less drive installation design for easy drive maintenance and system upgrading
Installs into any standard external 3.5” drive bay / floppy bay
Uses 2x MiniSAS HD port (SFF-8643) to connect (requires NVMe host)
Supports the full bandwidth specification of 32Gbp/s (per drive slot)
Ruggedized full-metal enclosure, meeting flammability requirements
Integrated extra-large high-efficiency heat sink and ample ventilation for excellent passive cooling
2-segment key lock for additional physical security
Eagle-hook tray latch securely holds the tray inside of the enclosure
EMI Grounding protects drives from electrical damage
Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) – reduces noise and protects against environmental damage
Active Power Technology (APT) – saves power by shutting down the device down when no drive is installed.
Model Number :
Color :
Host Interface :
2 x MiniSAS HD (SFF-8643)
Drive Fit :
2 x NF1 or 2 x M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
2230/2242/2260/2280/22110 (M / B + M key)
Device Fit :
1 x External 3.5" Drive Bay
Maximum Transfer Rate :
PCle 3.0 x4 up to 32Gb/s
Power Input :
1 x SATA 15 Pin
SSD Access Indicator :
Power: Solid Green
Activity: Flashing Green
Empty: LED off
Hot Swap :
Structure :
Full Metal
Package Content :
Device, User Manual, Screws
Dimension (W x H x D) :
101.6 x 25.4 x 161.2 mm
Weight :

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