When building a gaming system, many look for the biggest heat sink, the best cases and even fans up to 300mm that provide the best and quiet performing system. However, there isníŽt anything that is made specifically to cool hard drives while keeping them quiet and functional at the same times. It all changes with the MB973/974 series.
The MB973/974 series uses features that set them apart which include: Individual power buttons, fan speed control and detachable 80mm fan for aftermarket replacements (works with most 2 & 3 pin fans). The individual power buttons allow users to turn off their drives while they do not need them. If all the power buttons are turned off, the fan in the back will also shut down to help reduce noise as well, unlike with stock computer cases or similar modules.
The front fan speed control enable switching with options of high, low and auto for different purposes. Use "high" for maximum cooling performance, "low" for ultra quiet performance or "Auto" for Smart Cooling Technology to adjust fan speed according to the cooling requirements of the drives.
Lastly, the detachable 80mm fan makes it easy for maintenance as well as for aftermarket replacement fans. All these functions are designed with the gamer/power user in mind. With that said, the freedom to customize their settings to their liking, be it turning off specific drives, increasing fan speed or getting a quieter fan. This advantage is important and allows users to get the most of their system on the fly for whatever they do.
In addition, there are also some other points that help make the devices even better:

* MB973SP-B Fits 3 x 3.5" SATA HDD into 2 x 5.25" Device Bays
* MB974SP-B Fits 4 x 3.5" SATA HDD into 3 x 5.25" Device Bays
* Screw-less, tool-less design for genuine plug &play and hot swap use
* Stylish aluminum body construction for durability and heat dissipation
* Front and rear ventilation slots
* Front side USB and eSATA ports for convenient external storage connections
* Child-proof power buttons to avoid accidental power shut down
* Multi-locking door latches to prevent accidental drive ejection
* Internal SATA cable and USB header cable built into rear of device
Whether you're a gamer or a power user, the Icy Dock MB973/974 series makes a great upgrade kit solution to help sustain a fast and quiet system in any condition.
Some aftermarket fans to check out:

Noctua NF-R8 (3 PIN/80mm)
PAPST 8412 (3 PIN/80mm)
NMB-MAT (3 PIN/80mm)
Top silent computer cases:

Antec P180/P182/P183
Antec 900/902
NZXT Tempest EVO
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