SSD Installation Guide: Build a hot-swap internal dual 2.5¡¨ drive bay for your system with MB082SP
Purchasing an SSD is the simplest way to improve your performance without shelling out too much money. If you are going to use an SSD in your current case, you will find out that more than likely; there isn¡¦t a location to properly fit your SSD in. Likewise, many modern cases use slightly awkward 2.5¡¨ locations, can be a hassle to install, or are only one or two 2.5¡¨ slots. There is an easy solution to this with the MB082SP 2.5¡¨ HDD/SSD bracket.
EZ-LOCK Tool-Less System No tools required to install or remove drives.
The MB082SP is effectively the best bracket available for one reason. It is because the EZ-Lock System provides an easier way to remove the hassle with installing and maintaining your SSD. When you install an SSD into your case, there is usually an adapter or you may need to purchase a separate bracket to fit your case. The pain of installing a total of 8 screws for 2 x SSD¡¦s and another 4 to mount is not a great way to spend your afternoon. In comparison, the MB082SP¡¦s EZ-Lock System only requires 4 screws to mount into your case. Each slot on the MB082SP uses an EZ-Lock mechanism to lock in your SSD¡¦s. One could say that it is like installing a battery to your digital camera. Once you hear two ¡¥clicks¡¦, you are ready to install to your case.
Gamers and power users will love this product for its flexibility. Having a way to easily swap the SSD¡¦s without uninstalling and messing with the entire bracket to do so, really speaks for itself. You can be on your way with your work without working on something you would rather not do. You have paid for your SSD, so do the same to get allow you to focus more on what you will be doing on your computer, rather to your computer.
System integrators also will also benefit greatly from using this bracket for their current and future builds. Installing only takes the time of mounting to the case, so all the time from installing the hard drives are nonexistent. Knowing that once you install the MB082SP into your client¡¦s case, any maintenance required for faulty hard drives are a few seconds away.
Universally designed mounting holes For maximum compatibility.
The MB082SP is the perfect upgrade tool alongside with your SSD or HDD. You get the performance and convenience you would expect. No more of dealing with screws once you install your MB082SP bracket. In addition, the MB082SP will fit in most computer cases because of it¡¦s carefully screw hole placement. It is simply the best way to install your SSD. Thanks to the new EZ-Lock system, we make the MB082SP into an ¡§internal hot-swap 2.5¡¨ bay¡¨ rather than just an average bracket. It is an inexpensive but great upgrade for any PC systems for your current need and future upgrades.
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