ICY DOCK Professional Testimonials
Name: Rick Hodgkins

Profession: Music Video Dj/Vj
Corporate Technical Support Agent Atomix Productions/Virtual Dj

Website: www.virtualdj.com

Intro: I am a professional digital video jockey doing all size music video dance parties from 40” lcd to twin 9x12’ rear projection screens with lighting and sound support to match the size of the event. These are large shows that include closed circuit video streaming and photography that will be shown on the screens at the close of the event.

I also perform as a technical support agent for Atomix Productions/Virtual Dj the world’s leading Dj Software Company. I am also involved in testing new versions and hardware interfacing from companies such as Pioneer Electronics, Denon Dj, Numark, Hercules and American Audio.
Experience with Icy Dock product: Originally I bought this as a secure backup system for my music and video libraries. There was a time when a UPS failed on my live shutting down my main system forcing me to use 3 hot swappable drives across 2 usb ports alternating to load the desired music video. This was when I made my decision to have a full back up of my library with me at all times. There came a time after a show when during load out, the Icy Dock took a spill from the top of my loaded card and fell 4’ to the concrete. I thought it was over for sure, but the design with the hard aluminum shell and the fact that the internals were allowed to shift absorbed the energy. I was shocked to start this up and find all drives reading and only a crack in the fan shroud on the rear. It lives to this day although I have bought a second one without hesitation to insure the function during live shows. It now serves as my work server and back up and doesn’t hold a grudge for being dropped so hard. Since then I have built a new system and incorporated the Icy Dock as the main server and have bought extra trays to load other drives such as Time Machine for my Mac. The compact design and internal power supply with the ability to swap out drives has made my life and business much easier to manage with a single usb rather than multiple usb’s and power supplies. I highly recommend this product line regardless of which model you chose.
Name: Ashok Padmanabhan DVM Florida

Profession: Veterinary surgery resident, part time professional photographer

Website: http://riderdesign.net

Works: Coauthored Dreamweaver MX: ASP.NET Web Development published by Glasshaus Publishing. Photographed Wings of Dreams Airshow 2010 (http://riderdesign.net/p114632845)
Intro: I am currently a surgical resident in Florida and have been a practicing veterinarian for the last 4 years. Prior to veterinary school I designed and created web sites that ran on Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform. During veterinary school I coauthored Dreamweaver MX: ASP.NET Web Development. I still do some ASP.NET development and SQL Server development but I am now primarily a part time professional photographer shooting car shows, air shows, and horse shows. I also do some client shoots photographing individuals and their cars. I also work on a contract basis for the Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum in Keystone Heights, Florida My background in photography is extensive, having used both 35mm and medium format film. I now utilize Nikon digital cameras and Nikon lenses.  I have over 20 years of photography experience; I first started with photography when I was 12 years old.
Experience with Icy Dock product: I use the Icy Dock MB672SKGF-BB internal hard drive enclosure to hot swap my storage drives. I use the enclosure to house my Hitachi 2TB 7200 hard drives for storage of my photos and other files including video, music and documents. With the Icy Dock enclosure I can easily insert a new storage drive when one gets full. I also use separate Hitachi drives as backup drives. The Icy Dock enclosure makes backing up my photos a snap. Insert the drive, backup up the data, pull the drive and put it into storage. Icy Dock makes dealing with multiple drives a pleasant experience. With Icy Dock hot swap enclosures, no longer does one have to power down a system to add or remove a drive.  And best of all Icy Dock means no more lost data.
Name: Dan J. Cheever – Owner – MoveUPics Sports & Event Photography, LLC

Profession: Professional Photographer

Website: www.MoveUPics.com

Works: I specialize in custom sports action shot composites, uniquely designed for each and every customer. I am constantly looking for new ideas and concepts to keep my work fresh and on the cutting edge. I also shoot events – graduations, weddings, portraits, etc. striving to produce images that move you, thus Move U Pics!
Intro: I got into photography by accident. My three sons played competitive baseball and later college baseball and I just kept following them around and taking photos of them playing and got better over time until I felt comfortable enough with all the software and camera gear out there I could get my hands on. Photography has been very rewarding for me as I find it very challenging and stimulating.
Experience with Icy Dock product: My best friend’s son is an IT guy and he recommended I try an Icy Dock for all my photography backup needs. Keeping up with ever increasing file sizes due to cameras with ever increasing Megapixels had been a real challenge. My Icy Dock has proven to be a very reliable and practical solution. Now I don’t have to worry about taking up too much hard drive space because my Icy Dock easily copies all my images and files simultaneously to 2 hard drives via RAID 1. I very much appreciated the ease of set up too. I just dropped both of my 1.5 TB hard drives into my Icy Dock and followed the instructions and in about 5 minutes was well on my way to peace of mind that only comes with a reliable backup system. Now I can access the same information easily on both my desktop computer and my laptop.

Icy Dock has simplified my life tremendously by making computer file backup a breeze!
Name: David Peeples - P3 Computers - Huber Heights, OH

Profession: Computer Store Owner

Website: www.p3computers.net

Works: Use Icy Dock 3.5/2.5 docks to do data recovery on customer PC's when windows etc will not boot. Have saved a lot of data for customers with these handy docks.
Intro: I own my own retail computer store sales/repair. I have been an onsite technician for over 20 years now and decided to go it on my own and started my store.
Experience with Icy Dock product: Best experience would be client came in his daughters PC would not boot windows kept crashing. She had years of pictures of her kids/family, work papers for her teaching job etc on the PC with no backups. I took the HD out of the PC, put it in my icy dock, got to the data right away, copied it all to DVD for her. She was so happy and relieved that all her data was not lost. Since that she now makes backups!
Name: Greg Reiter

Profession: I am an award winning music composer and video producer.

Website: http://www.gregreiter.com

Works: I am primarily known for my Flamenco-Fusion guitar work.
Experience with Icy Dock product: I have been using Icy Dock enclosures for the past 5 years and have come to know them as very dependable and very solid in performance, and unmatched in construction.

For my type of work I really need to rely on the best, and Icy Dock products are truly just that. You can bet that the work that won my awards have all lived inside of an Icy Dock enclosure at some point during my creative process. In my experience, huge video data files and audio data files really put a hard drive and the enclosure to the test, but Icy Dock is tougher than anything you can throw at it, or drop on it.

In the past I tried other enclosures, one by one they all have failed within the first two years of use. Not with Icy Dock. I am 100% certain any Icy Dock products will out live their warranty.

When I go on the road, I always bring my Icy Dock enclosures. Go ahead, see for yourself, be at ease the next time airport security looks at your Icy Dock and drops it!

Icy Dock: Dependable, Long Lasting, Durable, Solid Performance every time!
Name: Jeff Holter | HolterDesign


Website: http://www.jeffholter.com
Intro: Until 2006 I was a Senior Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago, a global marketing & promotions agency with several Fortune 500 clients; Motorola, Jim Beam Brands, Kraft Foods, SC Johnson and Unilever to name a few. Those were a few of the clients I was assigned to at the time, some have changed since 2006.

Currently I am freelancing and doing much of the same work for some of the same clients and agencies where I was previously employed. Being a freelancer isn't as stable and routine as a full time job, but I am now free to work on projects that went to other departments in-house, like web design and development. Designing graphics and other UI elements for websites has been a passion since the early days of the web but it wasn't until recently that I began to create websites and other web design projects for clients. While my professional background is mainly print, I am always working to keep up with new technologies and media.

My most recent large jobs include marketing design projects, mostly print but web design as well, for brands such as Jim Beam, Ubisoft, Fruit 2.0, Kawasaki, and Harley-Davidson (local dealership). Examples can be seen at http://portfolio.jeffholter.com/marketing.html. On a smaller scale, but more fun to create for are some new clients that are app developers for iPhone/iPad. My first experience designing iPhone app graphics were with a company called Tektrify (http://www.tektrify.com), and I was tasked with creating app icons, launch pages, 'about' pages, and other graphics for iLoader, an iPhone/iPad app that allows the user to batch upload photos and videos to Facebook. iLoader was an app that I purchased and use often. I liked it so much that I got involved! Tektrify also has two other apps, Facevideo and Social Hub, which I also had a chance to work on.

Word of mouth from my work with Tektrify got me a referral from another iPhone app developer that creates games, which I am currently in the process of designing icons, logos, and graphics for.
Experience with Icy Dock product: I purchased my first ICY DOCK external hard drive enclosure (an MB559UEA-1SMB, USB 2.0/Firewire 400) in late 2007. As a designer working in primarily print-based promotional and advertising material at the time, my files were very large and very difficult to archive/store. I purchased the ICY DOCK so that when I archived a 250GB project, I could put it on an external hard drive for easy retrieval when needed. I also keep a redundant (3rd copy) of my OS on an additional external drive that I back up less frequently than my internal backup, for which I was able to purchase an extra tray for my ICY DOCK, allowing me to quickly swap out drives for backups, archiving, and system repairs.

My ICY DOCK made the process so much easier, and for such a reasonable price compared to other portable external drives that are packaged as a unit with drive and all, so much easier that I purchased a second ICY DOCK with a Firewire 800 port (MB559UEB-1S) a few months later. This made it easier for me to move data around from one external drive to another without having to keep purchasing portable external drives. It's much cheaper to buy a bare internal SATA hard drive that you can use over and over again with an ICY DOCK enclosure.

Any technology/product is only as good as it's support however, and I've come across many that provide a superior product but poor or no tech support to it's end users. Also, any technology in these times is rapidly outdated by newer products, software updates and hundreds of other factors. My two ICY DOCKS have worked flawlessly for years but recently I had a little trouble with one due to operating system updates and firmware; an inevitable event in the world of computers and digital technology. While all the hard drive manufacturers were busy making troubleshooting and repair difficult in the process of fixing the issues, the tech support folks at ICY DOCK responded to my email query within a few hours and were eager to help me fix the problem.

Long before one of the other companies I was dealing with to resolve my problem, the ICY DOCK team had already helped me troubleshoot the problem and offered a solution. This is what makes ICY DOCK worth a purchase: An excellent product with excellent support is hard to beat. They've made me a loyal user!
Name: Patrick GERARD - Evol-IT - Valenciennes (France)

Profession: Computing project manager

Website: http://www.evol-it.com

Works: Implementing backup systems
Intro: A paragraph or two describing yourself and your work Company Consulting and Engineering firm specializing in Information Systems, we propose to establish or improve your information system. We now specialize in building infrastructure and maintenance of computer networks lan, intranet, extranet.
Experience with Icy Dock product: We're used to implement backup systems based on ICYDock technology with usefull software system for three or four years. For the most cases this system gives the solution our customers ask. We implement it even at demanding client's (laboratories, doctors, architects,...) with no difficulty. More, this solution is cheap and mobile.
Name: Sanjive Gupta - Photo Video Expressions - Womelsdorf, Pa. 19567

Profession: Production Manager

Website: www.photovideoexpressions.com

Works: Film Events i.e. Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events.
Intro: Photo and Video Expressions brings a unique perspective to Wedding & Portrait Photography and Videography, capturing timeless moments in a traditional and photojournalist style. We tell the story of your beautiful event exactly as it was.
Experience with Icy Dock product: My experience with Icy Dock is very good, I have 3 Editing suits and all have 3 Icy Dock hotswapable MB453SPF-B Bays and also I have 3 MB664US-1SB external Icy Dock drives those I love so much because of the dependability of those drive. I never have any issue with Icy Dock product so far.
Name: David G, Los Angeles, CA
Experience with Icy Dock product: All my external drives are housed in Icy Dock enclosures. They are the most well built, reliable and best priced external enclosures and I completely trust my important data to be housed in Icy Dock enclosures! I deal with a lot of digital data (HD video, music and files) and store or back them up to Icy Dock housed drives!! I am a customer for life!
Name: Harold Jackson

Profession: IT Professional, Computer Tech., Reseller, Custom Builder.

Works: Have run a computer refurbish and giveaway program for students for the last 11 years.
Intro: I’m a dedicated father of 8 who fully believe that education is the key to all things and the only way to truly evolve and grow through education is to have the proper tools.
Experience with Icy Dock product: Icy Dock products are quality products that are built to perform up to and beyond their listed specifications.

One that stands out in my mind is the MB662US-2S … a dual bay sata raid enclosure with a built in raid device It capable of a usb or esata connection, multiple raid configurations including Safe 33 and Safe 50.

Icy Dock a name worth remembering.
Intro: I am a Flash / Web developer work for a new media brand management agency. I am responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website via using a combination of graphic design skills and technical knowledge of how web pages are created.
Experience with Icy Dock product: I purchased MB664US-1SMB external enclosure for my 1TB HD which is used to back up my data. The best thing about this enclosure is definitely it's style. This external enclosure not only has really cool look but also has a lot of functional design: easy to use and secure the drive and the drive slides in easily. It also has great speed and performance. I have to say it is the best enclosure I've had.