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As the leading innovator in 2.5” drive converters, we’re often in pursuit of designing the next best thing. With the EZConvert Lite MB882SP-1S-3B, we took the already proven EZConvert MB882 series converters and maximized the air flow with open air designs that is certainly made to impress. The EZConverter Lite MB882SP-1S-3B converts 2.5 SATA/SAS hard drives or SSD of all heights (7mm to 15mm) into an exact form factor of a 3.5” SATA hard drive so you can fit your 2.5” SSD or notebook drive anywhere a 3.5” SATA drive is used (requires SAS host for SAS drives). The EZConvert Lite crafted from one piece construction makes it lightweight yet practically unbreakable –a necessary attribute for high quality system builds. Our open air design and perforated vents help keep your drives nice and cool. Anti-vibration springs help your drives from slight impact yet our drive stabilizing mechanism keeps your drives in place; it strikes a balance to carefully maintain your drives. This converter is made for any consumer or builder looking to add a 2.5” drive to their setup, from gaming rig or media workstation to enterprise data server.


Limitless applications, unlimited purposes


The EZConvert Lite MB882SP-1S-3B converts any standard 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD into an exact 3.5” SATA hard drive form factor. It also fits 2.5” SAS HDD/SSD to provide single channel SAS functions for system with SAS capabilities.



The varieties of applications that use 3.5” hard drive are endless, some of which may include: personal desktop computer, Mac system, gaming rig, network attached storage, video rendering workstation, or enterprise data servers. Being able to reap the benefits of 2.5” HDD/SSD but still meet the requirements of the 3.5” form factor can be very rewarding. For example, Solid-State Drives provide faster data transfer speeds and lower temperature output and can be a beneficial upgrade in many systems. With MB882SP-1S-3B, you can convert 2.5” SSD or notebook drive into a 3.5” SATA drive hassle-free without speed degradation.




The EZ-Fit Design


The EZ-Fit design utilizes a number of components to accommodate all types of 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD drive heights from 7mm to 15mm. The self adjusting drive tabs on the side of the converter lock in once the drive is inserted. These are made to hold your drives firmly into place whether it’s for a slim 7mm drive or a bulky 15mm drive. Four springs located on the top of the MB882SP-1S-3B also help maintain drive position, yet at the same time absorbs a degree of shock for an added layer of drive protection for dual functionality. A Rubberized drive stabilizer installed on the driver cover adds the final piece to our EZ-Fit design, keeping your drive at the exact level it was meant to be instead of having your drives tilt out of position. This trifecta is the foundation of our EZ-Fit design. The best part is that our MB882SP-1S-3B is completely tool-less meaning you can install your drive without any tools!


mb882sp-1s-3b The EZ-Fit Design

With the optional bottom screw holes, this allows you to completely lock in 2.5” drives into the EZConvert Lite allowing extra drive security. The added security feature is a must have for rugged system builds that require drives to be completely immobile yet easily accessible. It’s the small details we consider that make Icydock your go-to brand.


mb882sp-1s-3b The EZ-Fit Design


Precisely built with Purpose


The MB882SP-1S-3B was designed with attention to detail. It begins with the overall structure built from ABS plastic –a lightweight yet tough component. Fortifying this structure is the one piece construction which means, with the exception of the drive cover, there are no moving parts (moving parts increases the odds of components breaking). Optional screw holes built around the converter make it possible to mount your MB882SP-1S-3B in numerous positions if you have a finicky chassis. Mount this converter from the side or the bottom depending on your needs.


mb882sp-1s-3b The EZ-Fit Design

An open air design combined with perforated vents in the front and back of the converter create the perfect environment for a hard drive. Air is allowed to flow through the front, rear, top, and bottom to disperse heat from the drive so it can be rapidly cooled. This open air frame is also designed in a way so that very little contact is made from the converter to the actual drive. This means that your hard drives aren’t being insulated or enclosed so you can keep your drive temperature low.

mb882sp-1s-3b The EZ-Fit Design




• Featuring EZ-Fit design for anti-shock and the best drive fit

• Open air design with all around airflow vents for maximum air flow

• Completely tool-less drive installation for quick and easy setup

• Converts your 2.5” SATA HDD or SSD into an exact 3.5” SATA hard drive form factor

• Supports 2.5” SAS HDD/SSD with single channel SAS functions (requires SAS host)

• Supports SATA 6Gbps or SAS single channel

• Universal mounting holes for most common PC case

• Optional screw hole for extra drive security

• Simple and Lightweight design

• Perfect for anyone looking to add a 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD to their system

• Crafted from durable ABS plastic with one piece construction

• Supports 2.5" SATA/SAS HDD/SSD of all heights from 7mm to 15mm






 * 2.5インチのSATAハードディスクまたはSSDから3.5インチ対応変換可能

* ワークステーション、サーバーなど様々な3.5インチドライブケースまたはトレイに装着可能

* 側部に空気取込口装置があり、放熱に効果的

* 軽量化設計

* 側部のネジ穴が通常のPCケースに対応

* スクリューレスデザインで装着が簡単かつ便利

* Mac Proに対応







M.2 SSD搭載用コンバーターブラケット

-03/28/2019- 現在、さまざまなサイズと規格のストレージデバイスが登場...

型番 :
色 :
対応デバイス :
1 x 2.5" SSD / HDD
接続インターフェース :
(SASシングルチャンネル対応 / シングルチャンネル)
ドライブの数 :
最大ドライブ高さ :
搭載空間 :
1 x 標準3.5インチHDDサイズ
接続コネクタ :
1 x SATA 7pin
電源入力 :
1 x 15pin SATA コネクタ
転送レート :
SATA マックス 6Gbps / SAS マックス 12Gbps
ホットスワップのサポート :
構造 / 材質 :
サイズ (W x H x L) :
101 x 25 x 145mm
製品の重量 :
パッケージの総重量 :
SATAコネクタの挿入率 :
湿度 :
5%~65% RH
作動温度 :
0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
保管温度 :
-35°C to 70°C (-31°F to 158°F)
認証 :

 mb882sp-1s-3b Yahoo

Q: MB882SP-1S-3B 製品はSATA3.3規格をサポートしている Power Disable機能(PWDIS)に対応していますか?

A: MB882SP-1S-3B 製品はSATA3.3規格をサポートするPWDIS機能に対応していません。
PWDISを搭載したSATA HDD / SSDをMB882SP-1S-3Bにインストールすると、ドライブが回転しません。正常な動作ができないので、システムはドライブを検出することができません。
PWDIS機能を備えた既知のSATA HDD / SSDについては、以下のリストを参照してください。


Known SATA HDD/SSD with Power Disable Feature (PWDIS)

WD Ultrastar C15K600
HUC156030CS4200/1/4/5 HUC156045CS4200/1/4/5 HUC156060CS4200/1/4/5
HUC156030CSS200/1/4/5 HUC156045CSS200/1/4/5 HUC156060CSS200/1/4/5
Samsung PM883
Seagate EXOS 15E900
ST300MP0006 ST300MP0016 ST300MP0026
ST300MP0096 ST300MP0106 ST300MP0116
ST600MP0006 ST600MP0016 ST600MP0026
ST600MP0036 ST600MP0126 ST600MP0136
ST600MP0146 ST600MP0156 ST900MP0006
ST900MP0016 ST900MP0026 ST900MP0126
ST900MP0136 ST900MP0146 ST900MP0156


注意: SAS HDD や 現状のSSDは、PWDIS機能にSATA15pin 電源コネクタ(3pin)を使用しません。その為、MB882SP-1S-3Bでもご利用いただけます。


基本的にはPWDISを使用する SATA HDD や SSD を使用しないことをお勧めします。
※ 改造行為につながる為、HDDやSSDのサポートを受けられなくなる可能性がありますので自己責任で判断してご利用下さい:


Molex-SATAアダプターまたはケーブルを使用します。 1-3pinへの通電をしないようケーブルを切断してください。

Molex to SATA Adapter   Molex to SATA Cable
Molex to SATA Adapter   Molex to SATA Cable


方法2 –


Kapton tape SATA power connector


問題が解決しない場合は、sales@seijinshoji.co.jp にお問い合わせください。