ICY DOCK Hard Drive Enclosure Selection Guide for Enterprise and Media Professionals
Technological advancements have considerably enhanced our generation’s standard of living, and as time progresses the significance of data storage becomes more imperative to both our work related and personal operations. Everyone needs storage space. Your HTPC needs a huge capacity HDD to store all your movies, music and photos collection, your gaming rig needs a SSD to quickly load up your software and games, and your backup/DVR system needs a drive with hot-swap function so you can quickly swap the backup drive with the new drive or access the drive with other systems. If you’re a designer you need an enclosure that keeps your drive cool to extend the drive’s life span and protect your work.

ICY DOCK specializes in making stylish hard drive enclosures with unique features that’s specifically designed for different types of applications. Whether you’re an avid video editor, gaming enthusiast, Disc Jockey, or an everyday Joe that needs storage solutions, ICY DOCK has the products you require.
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ICY DOCK Blizzard Series - Maximize the cooling efficiency of the drive and extend the drive’s lifespan - Ideal for intense applications
Suggested applications: external storage for DVR, surveillance, NAS, graphic & video rendering system. Perfect for 3.5” SATA 10,000 RPM WD Velociraptor HDD
It’s a simple fact heat decreases the lifespan of electronics, and there’s no exceptions for hard drives. Video, photo editing and gaming are typically very resource intensive and can cause hard drives to reach temperatures upwards of 50°C. When these drives are consistently under immense loads and staggering temperatures, hard drive failure is inevitable.

The ICYDOCK Blizzard combats that issue by providing an enclosure with a whopping 80mm fan located on the front panel to dissipate heat. Adjustable LEDs provide visual aid, switching to cautionary red when temperatures exceed 50°C and reverting to default ambient blue when drives are at ideal temperatures. The built in fan controller allows you to select low, high, and auto speeds to adjust the fan speeds according to your needs, with auto mode properly adjusting the fan speed based on your hard drive’s requirements. The tool-less drive installation allows you to quick install or swap the drive in seconds, which is perfect for professional users that consistently switch drives.
ICY DOCK ICYBento Series - Portable elegant design with hot-swap EZ-Tray system – Perfect for data transportation
Suggested applications: external storage for backups, computer repair centers, office & school computers, graphic & video storage, DJ music archives
Over the past few years video, audio, and photo quality have increased tenfold along with their file size. It simply feels as if there’s not enough portable storage to transfer all these media files between locations –until now. ICYDOCK has engineered a blend of elegance, mobility, and functionality and coined it the ICYBento.

The ICYBento was designed with the deliberation of having small form factor for portability, and cross compatibility with many of our other product lines such as the ICYCube, DataCage and FatCage series –simply eject from one Ez-Tray device and insert into another without the need to shut down your system. Simplicity and the ability to hot swap make this the perfect device for anyone requiring quick access and on-the-go storage.
ICY DOCK ICYRaid Series – Dual bay support with hardware RAID built-in (SAFE / FAST) – Designed to protect your data 24/7
Suggested applications: transfers between drives (JBOD), mission critical backup (SAFE mode), advanced graphic & video rendering (FAST mode)
It’s a must-have enclosure that packs every function you could think of in a small form factor, and that’s why the ICYRaid series has become one of our most popular enclosures. It accepts two drives so you can transfer data from one drive to another, it has built-in SAFE mode which mirrors the drives so in the event that one drive fails, you’ll always have another as backup. If you are looking for maximum capacity and performance, simply choose FAST mode and it combines the drives and double the transfer speed. One would think that with such versatility and sleekness, this unit would be complex, but ICY DOCK has engineered the ICYRaid to be simple and easy to use without any technical knowledge. Simply insert the drive with the tool-less drive installation design, switch the RAID mode to the desired settings, plug in the power and cable, and you are ready to go.

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