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M.2 drives are a reflection of making data storage as small as physically possible while retaining as much functionality of the data with speed and performance.  Making the drive portable brings additional challenges, such as usability, physical size, transfer speeds, and durability. M.2 drives, while physically small, were designed for internal use.  Any use outside the computer would require a durable enclosure. While there are durable enclosures for these drives, usability can be a hassle. Often, these enclosures require the use of tools to open and place/change the M.2 drive, reducing the ease of use of the enclosure. With the CP070, ease of use, functionality and durability is combined into one, allowing ease of use of M.2 drives.


The CP070 require no tools to open the enclosure to insert a single M.2, allowing for quick swaps between multiple M.2 drives. Its flip top design along with internal adjuster, for different length M.2 drives, let you swap drives in seconds, not minutes. For system mangers, technicians, and for anyone managing data on a large amount of M.2 drives, this can save many hours of physical work from needing to open up computers to access data on M.2 drives. The case is durable and integrates a heatsink for the M.2 drive, providing proper heat dissipation for this compact product. It connects via USB 3.1 Gen 2, allowing for quick transfer of data and general compatibility with many computers using USB.

Key Features
Ventilated aluminum body with heat sink top cover
Includes 2x heat sink sticker for device, top cover or both sides of M.2 SSD for optimal cooling
Built-in USB Type C cable for easier access without the need to plug in extra cables
Tool-less M.2 SSD install / removal design
Supports USB3.1 Gen2 10Gbps transfer speed with UASP
Model Number :
Color :
Host Interface :
1 x USB Type C
Drive Fit :
1 x M.2 PCIe SSD (Compatible with 2230 / 2242 / 2260/ 2280)
Maximum Transfer Rate :
Support USB3.1 Gen2 up to 10Gbps
Transfer Standard :
USB3.1 Gen2 up to 10Gbps and Support UASP
SSD Access Indicator :
Device Power: Solid Blue
Device Activity: Flashing Blue
Device Empty: LED Off
Structure :
Aluminum Enclosure with Airflow Holes
Package Content :
Device, User Manual, 2 x Thermal Pad
Weight :

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