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Avaliable Color: Pearl white
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Product Description:
Introducing the MB561US-4S-1 Quad Bay SATA External Enclosure featuring USB and eSATA Port Multiplier (eSATA Port Multiplier Card Required), and newly added, User Defined Fan Settings with Smart Cooling Technology.

We have taken our tried and true multibay product and added new features to further enhance your complete storage experience. Using all the features that you know and love, we have upgraded the 80mm cooling fan to allow the user to choose the speed of the fan, or to select “auto” so that the fan adjusts its speed using our Smart Cooling Technology. Our auto function determines the temperature of your drives, and changes its RPM according to the airflow and cooling demand. This results in decreased power consumption, an increased lifespan for your fan, and unnecessary excess noise. Along with the auto function, the user can also choose a high setting, best used for intense applications such as home server use, or a low setting, best used with lighter work loads such as hourly back ups or network attached storage (NAS).

The MB561US-4S-1 still includes all the standard features. A single e-SATA port provides a direct, single connection and flexible options for advanced users. With a port multiplier e-SATA connection, you can either connect to a port multiplier JBOD adapter to access four drives via one e-SATA connection, or connect to a port multiplier RAID controller card. This is convenient for those who do video editing through Mac or PC and wants configurations of RAID 5 settings for increased storage capacities and blazing fast transfer speeds.

The additional USB connection is for quick hook up to any computer system (especially laptops), which allow users to access up to four drives at the same time, and best of all there’s no driver installation required. This allows users to organize their music, photos, and work data under one enclosure, making it perfect for backup applications.

The enclosure takes up to four SATA drives. To power the enclosure, it uses a direct AC outlet, perfect to use it anywhere without having to deal with any adapters. The lightweight construction design protects hard drives with a layer of solid aluminum. It has a detachable 80mm ball bearing rear fan with 3 speed settings, and uses a built-in fan-less power supply, making it a quiet device. The four hot-swappable drive trays offer great freedom of choice in expanding your storage solution and multi-drive exchangeability for easy maintenance.
Suggested Applications:
Add-on data/ media files storage to laptops, graphics & video editing, interchange of data between corporate/school/home workstations, data file backups.
Product Features:
* 3 Speed Adjustable Cooling Fan, including auto setting featuring Smart Cooling Technology
* 4 Bay 3.5 SATA I / II removable external hard drive enclosure support SATA hot-swap.
* Backplane with 1x high speed USB 2.0 and 1x e-SATA ports (port multiplier).
* Plug & Play USB 2.0 quick connection for any computer system.
* Multi-drive exchangeability & maintenance capabilities with simple removal of drive tray.
* White LED light indicates power and HDD access.
* Aluminum alloy body covering with distinctive design and protection.
* Shock absorption HDD tray design making the HDD stable while in operations.
* Detachable 80mm ball bearing rear cooling fan for easy maintenance
* Built-in fan-less power supply, making it a quiet device.
* Rubber padded soles for scratch protection.
* Mac mini design concept.
Models & Specifications
ICY DOCK MB561US-4S-1 4 Bay 3.5”SATA to eSATA (Port Multiplier) and USB Aluminum HDD Enclosure for Mac & PC
Item Number: Pearl White
Host Interface
eSATA + USB2.0 combo
I/O port
1 x e-SATA (port multiplier) ports, 1 x USB 2.0 port
Drive Fit
4 x 3.5” SATA I & II
Drive Type
Standalone with vertical positioning
Transfer Rate
eSATA up to 3Gb/Sec
USB 2.0 up to 480Mb/Sec
Insert & Extract connection Via
15 pin direct hard drive connection
Aluminum body w/ partial plastic
Drive Cooling
Rear outtake fan w/ adjustable fan speed control
Cooling Fan
80 x 80 x 25mm ball bearing fan
LED Indication
Device power & drive activity
LED Display Color
Mini White
OS Requirement
Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP ; Mac OS 9.0 or higher

eSATA Port Multiplier
Interface Requirement

PCI-Express / Express Card /
PCI-X Host Bus Adapter with eSATA connector /
Onboard eSATA connector that support port multiplier function

Plug & play
Hot swap
Power Supply
Power Supply Voltage

12V / 6A , 5V / 8A , 112W (12V PEAK 12A)

Power ON / OFF
Built in Switch
Dimension (L x W x H)
234.9×141×175 mm
Product Supports

* In order to HOT-SWAP with ICY DOCK enclosures, please make sure your motherboard supports HOT-SWAP function. Otherwise, you might not able to use the HOT-SWAP function. (Please check the motherboard user manual to verify the HOT-SWAP function)

* When using the enclosure, if the drive doesn’t show in “My Computer”, there might be two issues.

1. You are probably using a brand new hard drive. You can initialize, partition, and format unrecognized drives using Disk Management.
Please click HERE to view the instructions to initialize, partition, and format unrecognized drives using Disk Management.

2. Your drive letter may be over lab with other drive by the system. Please go to the Disk Management and go “Change Drive Letter and Paths…” and select another letter for the drive.
Please click HERE to view the instructions to “change the drive letter and paths”