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Jan-27-12 MB994 Series FAQ


Q My device does not show the amber LED notification for activity.
o Although most drives support this function, there are some hard drive and/or SSDs that do not display this notification correctly due to their design. If the device is working in conjunction with the hard drive or SSD, then this is the the cause.
Q How do I use SAS with this device (MB994SP-4S / MB994IPO-3SB)?
o Although the device supports SAS drives, your host (RAID controller, etc) must be able to support the SAS interface. Our device does not enable you to use a SATA host or controller to use SAS hard drives or SSDs.


Q Why use 4-pin power connection in comparison to SATA 15 power pin?

o The reason for this design choice is to ensure enough & secure power connection to the enclosure. More importantly, the design of the MB994SP-4S will not allow two 15 pin power connection due to the space limiation on the back of the MB994SP-4S. The next best choice is to use two 4-pin power to provide sufficient power to the hard drive(s).
Q My fan is very noisy. Is there a way to fix/replace the fans?
o Yes, if you are under our 3 year warranty policy, please submit an RMA request.
Q The lights on my device are very dim. What is the problem?
o There were some trays that used a slightly different design in which dimmed the lights, as a result. Please contact us for more information.
Q The screws that I am using do not fit properly with my 2.5” hard drive.
o We are aware of the issue and have since resolved the problem with a new type of screws. If the problem persists, you may have an older model which does not include the new set screws. Please contact us for warranty replacements.

Q What type of slim ODDs does this device support?

We have designed the ODD tray to match most internal Slim ODD's. Both load type (slot and tray) ODD on this particular unit, including some LITE-ON and Samsung models. The model tested is the Samsung SN-208BB, however, so long as the faceplate of the slim ODD fits within the ODD tray frame, then it should be compatible.


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