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Workstation Storage Buying Guide
Workstation Storage Buying Guide
Workstation refers to high-end computers designed to perform mission-critical workloads such as life support, vehicle control, maintenance and operations systems. By using our Workstation Storage Buying Guide, you can easily find the right storage peripherals that are compatible with your workstation and suit for your specific need.
- Limited storage space available in workstation systems.
- Limited storage expansion options provide by workstation manufactures.
ICY DOCK offers various storage kit options which enables expansion of your workstation storage capacity. WWe have drive cage selections that can house from 2.5” to 3.5” and SSD to HDD and are designed to be compatible with workstation’s external 3.5” drive bay, 5.25” bay or internal 3.5” drive bay.

SATA card or RAID controller card may be required if there's not enough SATA ports on your workstation. Please check your SATA port compatibility before purchase ICY DOCK storage peripherals. If you have any other questions, please contact our technical support team - CONTACT US

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