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Introducing the FlexCage MB973SP-1B, a hot-swappable 3 bay tray-less backplane cage for 3.5” SAS / SATA hard drives. This is a commercially designed product in the FlexCage series for use in workstation or server environments, such as ATX towers or rackmounts. This FlexCage incorporates the best technologies to meet those demands, with second to none fit, function, and reliability.
Space Saving & Tray-less Design
The MB973SP-1B has been designed to maximize space use by allowing up to 3 x 3.5” SAS / SATA hard drives, while only consuming two external 5.25” drive bays. The FlexCage also only requires two 4-pin power ports (or two 15-pin power ports with included 4 pin to 15 pin adapter cables), to power up to three 3.5” hard drives. In order to further the convenience of the FlexCage, our renowned tray-less technology is integrated into the cage -- no screws or tools are required to add or remove the drives, making hot swapping a completely hassle free experience. However, because of the tray-less technology used, maintenance becomes dramatically reduced to simply ejecting a failed drive, and then reinserting the replacement.
Flexible Cooling
On the rear of the MB973SP-1B uses a large 80mm cooling fan to pull cool air from the front ventilation slots, over the drives, and exhaust the warm air out through the rear ventilation slots. The Flexcage also features the Active Power Technology power system, so that the fan used and the individual LED are only powered on if a drive is inserted. The included 80mm cooling fan also can be easily replaced and maintained, as the unit is fully removable and replaceable with most aftermarket cooling fans of the same size. To expand the range of compatible fans, both 2 and 3 pin standard fan power ports are available and can be easily accessed.
Workstation and Server Ready
The FlexCage uses our Flex Fit Design, which accommodates to different tab lengths when installing to a rackmount chassis or ATX tower case. This will help reduce the build time, and also adds greater compatibility for different system builds. In addition, for systems that use 15 power connectors exclusively, and so 4 to 15 pin power adapter cables are included to provide better accessibility for various host systems. Each bay includes individual LED indicators, displaying both drive power and activity. This is to provide drive status information at all times. Similarly, each drive door has a multi-locking latch mechanism to prevent a door from being opened easily. For best durability, a solid aluminum panel is used in each of the door latch, making it an ideal solution for systems where IT and non-IT personnel may have access to. Lastly, to ensure a peace of mind, the FlexCage is backed with our 3 year warranty, equivalent to a hard drive’s warranty.
Key Features
* Fits 3 x 3.5” SAS / SATA HDD into 2 x 5.25” Device Bays.
* Supports SATA 3 (6 Gb/s) transfer rate
* Supports SAS Single Channel
* Compact and space saving design to fit multiple drives.
* Commercially designed for tower workstations and rackmount servers.
* Tray-less design for tool-less drive installation. Ideal for genuine plug & play and hot swap use.
* Lightweight aluminum body construction for durability and heat
* 80mm cooling fan for maximum air flow.
* Fan is replaceable with aftermarket fans that use standard 2-pin or 3-pin
* Flex Fit Design – accommodates different 5.25” tab lengths for rackmount or tower cases.
* Active Power Technology (APT) - individual blue led & cooling fan only powers up if there is a drive
  installed in the bay.
* Multi-locking door latches to prevent accidental drive ejection.
* Two 4 pin to 15 pin adapter cable included for 15 pin SATA power ports.
* ICY DOCK 3 year warranty equivalent to hard drive manufacturer warranty to ensure maximum reliability
  and long life.
3 Years Warranty


ICY DOCK FlexCage MB973SP-1B Tray-less 3x3.5" HDD in 2x5.25" Bay SAS / SATA Hot Swap Rack / Cage / Module
Model Number :
Color :
Drive Fit :
3.5“ SAS / SATA 1.5 / 3 / 6 Gbit/s hard drive x 3
(Supports Single Channel SAS)
Drive Bay :
5.25" half height device bay x 2
Host Interface :
7 pin SATA port x 3
Power Input :
4 pin power port x 2 or 15 pin power port x 2
(w/ included 4 to 15 pin adapter cables)
Transfer Rate :
Up to 6Gb/sec. (depending on hard drive speed)
Insert& Extract connection via :
Direct SATA hard drive connection
Structure :
Aluminum body w/ partial plastic
Drive Cooling :
Removable rear outtake fan w/ aluminum heat dispersion
Cooling Fan Type :
80mm ball bearing fan with 2 or 3 pin connector
Power Indicator :
Blue LED
HDD Access Indicator :
Flashing blue LED
Dimension (L x W x H) :
8.27" x 5.83" x 3.35"
Product Net Weight :
Package Gross Weight :
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