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Aug-04-10 MB664 Series FAQ
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Q   The power works intermittently or no power to the drive.

o    The power connector can sometimes be the culprit. First, try disconnecting it and reconnecting it make sure it has a firm and snug connection to the back of the unit. Second, check to see that the plug is firmly in the wall outlet. Third, make sure that the green LED on the power brick is lit up. If it is not, please contact us.

o    Extra troubleshooting: if possible, try multiple drives inside the enclosure to rule out a faulty drive.

o    If the issue still persists, please contact us.

Q   The drive has read and write functionality, but the LED does not illuminate.

o    Some newer and larger drives may have decreased signal voltage, especially drives advertised as low power or green. The signal voltage is what supplies the power to illuminate the LED to notify the user of drive power, activity, and failure. If the signal voltage is below what our enclosure can handle, the LED will not display correctly. In recent years, some drive manufacturers have decreased the signal voltage on hard drives to keep them low power. The decrease is often unannounced and unknown to the public until it has reached the end user.

eSATA Version (MB664US-1S, MB664US-1S-B, MB664US-1S-MB)

Q   The system freezes when the drive is removed.

o    This happens because the eSATA port in use does not have AHCI, or hot swap, enabled. To enable hot swap, please first check your motherboard, controller card, or system user manual to make sure it has this capability. To enable hot swap, go into the motherboard bios and enable AHCI in the SATA settings. This will allow SATA devices to be unplugged or inserted when the computer power is still on. When AHCI is not enabled, the user must have the computer power off in order to unplug or insert a drive.

Q   USB works, but eSATA does not.

o    If connected to an eSATA bracket which connects to the motherboard, please try replacing the bracket and/or eSATA cable. Sometimes a faulty cable will provide a less than optimal SATA signal and the system will not see the drive.

o    If connected to an eSATA controller card connected to a desktop PCI or PCI Express card, or a laptop ExpressCard, please check the device drivers to make sure they are up to date. Sometimes an operating system update will cause the current device driver to be out of date, and requires manual installation of the newest driver.

o    If the issue still persists, please contact us.

Firewire 400/800 Versions (MB664UEA-1S, MB664UEA-1S-B, MB664UEA-1S-MB,MB664UEB-1S, MB664UEB-1S-B, MB664UEB-1S-MB)

Q   Two units are daisy chained. The unit connected to the first unit does not show on the computer.

o    Please first check to make sure the unit that is connected to the system is powered on. The daisy chain function does not work unless the unit is powered on. If the unit is powered on, check to make sure that the second unit is able to connect to the system directly. Also make sure that the first unit is able to mount to the system correctly.

o    Replace Firewire cables one by one to see if the issue is cleared up.

If the issue still persists, please contact us.
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