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Aug-12-10 MB122SKGF Series FAQ
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Q What are the specifications of the built-in fan?

         o    5400 RPM, 24,87 dB(A), 5,62 CFM or 9,55 m³/h.

Q   Maximum drive capacity.

o    This product can handle standard 3.5" SATA drives up to 2TB in capacity.

Q   What is the maximum transfer rate for SATA interface?

o    The SATA transfer rate will depend on speed of the drive as well as which interface the controller card or motherboard uses.

o    The maximum transfer rate when using SATA 1.5Gbps (SATA I) is approximately 150 MB/sec.

o    The maximum transfer rate when using SATA 3Gbps (SATA II) is approximately 300 MB/sec.

o    The maximum transfer rate when using SATA 6Gbps (SATA III) is approximately 600MB/sec.

Q   Is this compatible with the new SATA 6Gbps (SATA III)?

o    Yes, because this device does not use any chipsets, the SATA connection from the drive is directly passed through to the motherboard/controller card. And since SATA 6Gbps saw no change to the physical connectors, it is compatible with SATA 3Gbps products where no chipsets are involved. Both drive and motherboard/controller card must support SATA 6Gbps.

Q   LCD screen features.

o    Left button: Used to enter set up and confirm settings while in set up.

o    Center button: Used to increase value in set up.

o    Right button: Used to decrease setting in set up.

o    Displays drive temperature, master/slave, drive activity, fan status, and HDD overheat status.

Q   The alarm on my unit is going off. What should I do?

o    First, silence the alarm by pressing any of the 3 buttons on the front. The alarm may have been false, or the alarm may have spiked in temperature and will soon decrease to normal operating temperature.

o    If the alarm sounds again, check normal operating temperatures for your drive and see that the overheat alarm is not set too low. For example, a 10,000 RPM drive will run hotter than a 5400 or 7200 RPM drive, so it may need to be set higher than you would for a standard drive.

o    Check to see that the fan is still running, or is running normally. The alarm can be for a fan failure. If the fan is not running or you suspect it is bad, contact us for assistance.

o    If the fan appears to be running normal, it may be an issue with the circuit board on the device. Please contact us for assistance in this case.

Q   Can an aftermarket fan be used to replace the stock fan?

o    No. While some fans may fit, the unit was designed with our particular fan in mind. Using an aftermarket fan may void the product warranty and/or damage the device.

o    If a replacement fan is needed, please contact us for assistance.

Q   What is the difference between the long and the short version of the MB123 Series mobile rack?

o    The long version utilizes a 64-pin industrial connector to interface between the docking frame and the drive carrier. For hot swap environments like tape backup replacements, this is extremely beneficial because it saves the hard drive SATA connection from wear and tear. Inside the drive carrier the drive connects via standard SATA 7-pin data and 15-pin SATA power, and on the docking frame the unit interfaces with the motherboard/controller card via SATA 7-pin and 4-pin power connector. The long version also utilizes a 3-segment key lock with power option.

o    The short version has a shorter depth, but also interfaces differently with the docking frame. On the rear of the drive carrier, there is a small cut out for the drives direct connections to output. When it is inserted into the docking frame, the drives direct connection connects to the docking frame. The docking frame then has separate connections on the rear to interface between the motherboard/controller card using SATA 7-pin data and 4-pin power connector. The short version uses a 2-segment key lock, allowing the user to lock or unlock the drive.

-Long Version (MB122SKGF, MB122SKGF-B, MB122SKGF-S)

Q   What features does the key lock have?

o    The key lock on the long version is a 3 position lock.

o    Bottom position: Power off, tray unlocked.

o    Middle position: Power off, tray locked, but able to be disconnected from internal connection.

o    Top Position: Power on, tray locked in place.

-Short Version (MB122SKGF-1, MB122SKGF-1B, MB122SKGF-1S)

Q   What features does the key lock have?

o    The key lock on the short version is a 2 position lock, allowing the tray to be locked or unlocked.


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