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Nov-04-11 MB981U3-1SA FAQ

 Q   Drive capacity.

o     This device can handle 2.5”/3.5" SATA and IDE drives in any height up to 3TB.

Q     Will my particular IDE work with this device?

o Yes, however, please be sure to have your system with the latest USB drivers and service packs. For most of the IDE (ATA) hard drive, the drive jumper settings should be configured to “Master” mode. If the docking fails to detect the IDE hard drive in Master mode, please try different jumper settings, i.e. Slave, CS.

Q My system only uses USB 2.0, will this device work?

o The device will support USB 2.0 speed when connected with USB 2.0 ports. To achieve accurate USB 3.0 transfer speed, the host end must be connected to a USB 3.0 port. Transfer speed may also vary depending on hard drive speed.

 Q   Why choose to use such a short USB 3.0 cable length?

 o     Due to the design requirements of the USB 3.0 architecture and chipset design, the length is predetermined as the signal strength of the data connection drops dramacticaly as the length is extended further.


 Q    I am experiencing disconnection issues or the hard drive cannot be detected by my system.

 o     Please be sure to use the original cable provided in the product. Also, make sure that all cable connections are fully secured into the device. If that does not help, please contact us for more information. For IDE hard drives, please make sure that all pins are secured and are not left disconnected.


Q  Is this unit compatible with Windows 8?

o     The MB981U3-1SA is compatible with Windows 8 only with SATA drives. The IDE drives will not be able to be function normally since Windows 8 currently do not have the USB 3.0 driver updates available yet. However, the MB981U3-1SA can still be compatible with both SATA/IDE drives through USB 2.0. Once Windows 8 releases the USB 3.0 driver update, the IDE will be compatible with the MB981U3-1SA on your Windows 8 system.




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