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Jan-27-12 MB973SP-B / MB974SP-B FAQ

Q   Maximum drive capacity.

o    This product can handle SATA III drives up to 3TB in capacity for each bay.

Q   Is this compatible with the new SATA 6Gbps (SATA III)? 

o  The original model did not fully support the SATA III specifications and we did update the model to be compatible now, but did not change the actual model number itself. The newer version should have a serial number starts with "1148XXXX" or larger than that number.

Q   I would prefer a non soldered SATA cable on the backplane. What is the issue?

o  We will be completely removing the eSATA connection in favor for USB3.0 connection. Once there is available information, we will release as a new product under the 973/974 series.

Q   I am experiencing fit issues with (x) bay. How do I resolve this?

o We suggest to test with different hard drive models and determine if the issue follows. To allow better drive insertion, while pressing the door in, also help ease the process by pushing in the bare hard drive as well. If the problem persists, please contact us for more assistance.

Q   The unit does not fit into my case. Does it use a special form factor?

o    No. These units were designed to mimic the dimensions that (2) or (3) 5.25” devices would have if installed individually. While they are engineered to fit standard cases, some system cases may veer from the standard dimensions by 1 or 2 mm, causing the device to have too much room, or too little room.

Q   Can the unit be used without (or with an afermarket) a fan? 

o    Yes, the fan can be detached to allow for fitting into smaller form factor cases. However if removing the fan, please be sure to compensate for the loss of air flow by making sure case ventilation and air flow is sufficient to prevent the drives from overheating and damage. Aftermarket fans can be used, but are limited to the 80mm form factor.

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