MB884U-C EZ-FAN 3.5” Single Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure Cooler
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The MB884 is a cooling device designed for most 3.5” single bay external enclosures. It uses a 80 x 80 mm fan to absorb heat out of an enclosure to keep the temperature at a standard level. The convenience of this cooler is that it can attach to most external enclosure design, whether it is built to stand vertically or facing horizontally. The fan runs on a USB, so it is convenient to use on any nearby computer with the enclosure. The retractable clip allows it to hold on to any sizable enclosure and the neck on the clip can extend to adjust with any height. With two thousand rotations per minute and at a noise level of only 24 dB (A), this is the perfect accessory for those who worry about heat issues on their external hard drive.
* Universal design fits up to 2.13 inches for most 3.5” hard drive enclosure.
* Adjustable height design offer maximum flexibility.
* On/off switch offer added convenience.
* Ultra-slim, elegant stylish design.
Compatiable to:
ICY DOCK MB559UEA Series, MB559UEB Series, MB559US Series, MB664UEA Series, MB664UEB Series, MB664US Series and most 3.5” single bay external enclosures.
3 Years Warranty

ICY DOCK MB884U-C EZ-FAN 3.5” Single Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure Cooler
Item Number - White :
Item Number - Black :
Compatible to :
3.5" Single-Bay HDD Enclosure
Power Source :
USB Power
Rated Speed :
2000 RPM +/- 10%
Nosie Level :
24 dB(A)
Structure :
Dimension (L x W x H) :
5.43" x 4.80" x 2.68"
Weight :
0.37 lbs

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